6-22-16 NEWS from All Around Consignments

It was nice to see many Father’s receiving recognition from their family last Sunday.  Dad’s are great.  I miss mine, gone since 1969.  I’m proud of all the Father’s in my extended family but especially near and dear to me are Bret, Antwan, Larry, Benny, Beaver, Joey, David and Gene.

  • The traffic to the store is great.  Folks want to get it while it is still here.  As promised we are marking down per the way we always do and more.  Several additional consignors contacted me this week instructing me to “mark down” their items so they would sell.  I have done that.
    • The countdown is now at 33.  33 more days left you can come into All Around Consignments to shop.  
    • Ending any type of relationship is hard and it feels like I’m ending many by changing the direction of All Around Consignments to ONLINE only.  But I’ll still be around for a long long time and will run into all my good buddies and friends as I’m out and about or they stop in to bring an item for me to sell for them ONLINE.
    • Our priority at the store right now is to do our best to sell the regular inventory, store supplies and fixtures we have on hand.  We are doing that!  The look of the store is already changing.
    • Thanks to so many of you who are bringing your ONLINE items for the new start-up in August.
  • Do not feel bad if you no longer want to receive this weekly update from me.  I understand and will take you off the mailing list as well as remove your e-mail from the store software.  Just let me know.  
    • As I make the necessary changes to the E-commence website, it will become the primary site and I’ll update it as needed.  I will probably “not” send out a weekly update the way I have been doing these past five years.
    • For those of you who continue to follow our ONLINE business you’ll just visit the home page of allaround.shoprw.com for NEWS about what is happening with the ONLINE sales.


  meeps 1 & 4; Kyndle and baby sister Sonni fascinated by what Elmo is saying and doing!


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6-15-16 NEWS Update from All Around Consignments

A busy week for many due to graduations and school officially “out for the summer”.  I enjoyed attending my nephew, Kyle Wittman’s, WSHS graduation at the Stanly County Agri-Civic Center last Friday morning.  It was awesome to say the least!  We had a huge family party for him Saturday afternoon.  It is always fun to visit with “most” of the family during these gatherings.

We are selling great items at the store through July 31.  Many Consignors are instructing us to mark their items “down”.  They no longer have a use for them and would like to make as much money as they can on them before we stop selling regular consignments in the store.  You all be sure to come in often and check out our prices. The count down has started.  40 more days left you can come into All Around Consignments to shop.  After that we’ll be strictly an ONLINE Sales Store.  You’ll only come in to bring an item for us to sell ONLINE  for you or to pick up an item you have purchased from our ONLINE E-commerce website or eBay store.  We are in the process of making changes to both sites.  You will not see much activity on them until Aug.  We have “turned off” the buying feature on the E-commerce site because the shipping profile calculator has to be updated and that takes time.  Right now our priority is to sell the regular inventory, store supplies and fixtures we have on hand at the store.  We are continuing to receive consignments for ONLINE, but they will not be listed until starting in August.  A big thank you to everyone during this transition.

Thanks to a “reminder” from one of our consignors I have finally decided how to market an item they brought to me close to a year ago.  You’ll see it right when you walk in the door at the store.  There is a printed write-up about it if you would like to read it or take a copy with you.  As well as ONLINE, I’m placing it in the store as a “bid process”.  It will be “local pick up only”.  Taking offers starting at $250.  If someone gets this item for $250 they will be getting a fantastic deal and a very unique artifact.  Here is the write-up for you to preview.

A unique antique artifact sculpture

9-30-15 Tara & John Lakes Acct 1102 Artifact - Ohio River PHOTO3061516

  • Discovered in 1971 by accident in the Ohio River between the towns of Manchester and Aberdeen (about 15 miles apart) by a young couple who were wading in the river (the young lady tripped over it).  They strapped it to their Harley Davidson motorcycle and hauled it home. Many years later, their daughter ended up with it.  About seven years ago she and her family moved to NC.
  • The color you see on it now is a dark gray tarnish. This was due to a house fire after 1971.  The actual color is sandstone.  A photo of this piece before the fire is in storage.
  • It weighs 51 pounds
  • In 2007 a photograph was sent to the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus to the Curator of Archaeology, Bradley T. Lepper. Mr. Lepper said it was a remarkable stone sculpture and the best fit he could find was that it was a sandstone carving of a human face from the Fort Ancient culture (late Prehistoric period), a human head effigies or decorating pipes from the same period. He regrettably informed them it would be too difficult to say anything definitive due to both its’ uniqueness and the lack of a context that would determine the age and cultural affiliation of the sculpture.
  • In 2011 it was taken to the Antiques Roadshow Summer Tour in Atlanta and was looked at by appraisers John A. Burton & C. Wesley Cowan. Because it had not been authenticated, they could not offer an exact value. They suggested it could be “Popeye Reed” from the early 1900’s.
  • The Ohio River streams westward from Pittsburg, PA to Cairo, IL. It is 981 miles long.

Have a great rest of the week!


Meep’s #3 & #2, Elliana & Ellison, having sibling fun!



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