5-25-16 NEWS from All Around Consignments

Hello Customers and Consignors of All Around Consignments

We are changing the direction of our business by beginning the process of transitioning from the All Around Consignments store you all know and have come to love, to an Online Sales Only – recommence & eBay Store.  We know you will love it also. Especially the additional funds generated for those great items you no longer need, use or want.

We will continue selling the items we currently have in inventory at the store – now and through the end of July – the way we have always done, you’ll come in and shop.

We will continue through the end of next week, Saturday, 6-4, accepting consignments the way we always have.

Beginning Tuesday, 6-7-16 we’ll only accept items eligible for ONLINE SELLING – refer to details listed on the Consignor Page on the website.  It has been updated.

Beginning Monday, August 1, we’ll only sell via our

ONLINE recommerce and eBay stores 24/7.

Having “only” an Online inventory to manage will provide the employees at All Around Consignments time needed to research, market and sell items to a much larger audience.  Our method of processing the sheer volume and magnitude of lesser value and lesser desired items to display for sale on the store floor has become hard to manage and not cost effective enough to continue to meet operating expenses the way they should.

As a customer, you’ll still be able to shop, but it will be via our website www.allaround.shoprw.com and our eBay store, Allaround Variety.

As consignors, continue to bring us the good to great items you no longer need or want for us to sell Online for you.  

  • The items you bring must be of higher value than what you are used to bringing. 
  • You’ll come to the store as usual for us to Check In the items you have for us to sell Online for you.
  • You’ll come to the store for In Store pick ups for items you purchase Online from our store which you do not want shipped to your home. 

If we feel we can sell it online at a price that generates profit for both of us, we’ll accept it.  

Be sure to read the Consignor page on our website.  We have updated it as of today.

More details, updates and guidelines will be shared with you as they become available in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your past business and support during these five and 1/2 years.  It has and will continue to be a good time for all of us.


So proud of nephew, Garrett, 2016 Graduate, Camden Military Academy

Mom didn't buy it, now it's gone!5-22-161  5-22-162

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5-18-16 News from All Around Consignments

Hello and happy Wednesday, a beautiful spring day.

Many from my family and me enjoyed attending the 2016 Graduation Awards Ceremony at West Stanly High School last Thursday.  Nephew, Kyle, and niece, Allison, are graduates of WSHS this year.  I’ll see nephew, Garrett, graduate Sunday, May 22,  in South Carolina.


Here is a lovely flower bed/landscaping decor item we have at the store.  A dawn to dusk fairy globe.

5-18-161 5-18-163








5-15-16 Sherry H. from Mt. Pleasant

Last weeks’ $5 coupon winner

was Sherry H. from Mt. Pleasant.





Bret found a Cooter exploring our back dock yesterday!  There is nothing more fun to him than messing with a turtle.  He loved them as a kid and still does!  He took it home with him and let three year old daughter, Kyndle, get acquainted with it.  Later that evening they turned it loose in the creek down below their house.


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