7-24-16 NEWS from All Around Consignments


The last day for you to stop in will be Saturday, July 30. We are “now” making our final mark downs on the inventory we still have. See photos below.  Yes, we are low, but not out! 










We are looking forward to our 100% only ONLINE SELLING starting in August. It will be slow getting the backlog of items listed, but please be patient with us as we make the transition from brick and mortal to Online. 

Our store name will change from dba, Retired Aprons = All Around Consignments  –  to –         All Around Online Sales



We are not saying good-by because we’ll be seeing you around, just not at the All Around Consignments store in Richfield you are so used to seeing us at “all the time”.

Thank you for so many good times and memories.


7-24-16 ep's house this a.m.


Never a dull moment in my life.  This was this morning in my front yard in New London  I heard a huge thud.  I did not get electrocuted.  Thanks to Duke Energy and 911 I’m still kicking!




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7-6-16 NEWS From All Around Consignments

The July 4th holiday was enjoyable for many of us.  I enjoyed seeing folks dressed in red, white and blue, especially my four meeps.

7-4-162 7-4-161










The countdown is now at 22 days left to shop in the store at All around Consignments.  We had one customer purchase 47 items of clothing today!  I guess that tells you what great deals we have on hand.  I hope you get a chance to stop in during the last week of the month to enjoy a sweet piece of the “Farewell Cake” with us.

  • Just a few reminders:
    • If you would like to pick up anything you still have here at the store please do so between now and no later than Thursday, 7-28.  Some of your items are expiring as normal based on the receipt date, but everything will be expired as of 7-26.
    • You may stop in at the store to get paid anytime we are open during July or you can request we mail you a check.  We’ll continue to issue payouts after the last shopping day at the store, 7-31, August and thereafter.  Remember, we are not “closing”, we are just changing our selling method by going to ONLINE selling instead of In-Store Shopping.
    • Ask for a donation slip for your 2016 tax records whenever you need one.
    • Make a note, the URL for our eBay store has been changed.
  •  You will not see much on it until August.  Our time has to be spent marketing the items at the store for sale “in the store”.  We have plenty to list ONLINE and will “get on it” as soon as possible.  Thanks to all of you for continuing to bring ONLINE applicable items.

Don’t be alarmed if I do not get a chance to publish this NEWS Blog during the next several weeks.  I’ll get back to it as soon as time allows!




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